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Biosimilar medicines
  1. András Süle1,
  2. Frank Jørgensen2,
  3. Petr Horák3,
  4. Joan Peppard4,5,
  5. Stephanie Kohl6
  1. 1 Department of Pharmacy, Péterfy Hospital - National Institute of Traumatology, Budapest, Hungary
  2. 2 Hospital Pharmacy, Bergen, Norway
  3. 3 Hospital Pharmacy, University Hospital Motol, Prague, Czech Republic
  4. 4 European Association of Hospital Pharmacists, Brussels, Belgium
  5. 5 Pharmacy Department, Midland Regional Hospital Tullamore, Tullamore, Ireland
  6. 6 Policy & Advocacy, European Association of Hospital Pharmacists, Brussels, Belgium
  1. Correspondence to Stephanie Kohl, Policy & Advocacy, European Association of Hospital Pharmacists, Brussels 1200, Belgium; Stephanie.Kohl{at}


Biological medicines have become indispensable in the treatment of patients with serious diseases such as cancer and inflammatory diseases. Biosimilars are medicines which are developed to be similar to existing biological medicines (the ‘reference product’). For the European market, they are approved by the European Medicines Agency. Owing to the rising importance of biosimilar medicines, the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) decided to set out its position on key issues concerning biosimilar medicines in a position paper. The topics included the role of hospital pharmacists in the uptake of biosimilar medicines in healthcare with regard to selection, procurement, logistics, information, education and collecting real-life experience (eg, in monitoring and pharmacovigilance). In addition, the paper touches on the views of the association for the naming of biosimilar medicines, extrapolation of indications, interchangeability, switching and substitution of biosimilar medicines and the provision of information about biosimilar medicines.

  • biosimilar medicines
  • interchangability
  • hospital pharmacist
  • extrapolation
  • position paper
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