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Is there a wrong type of research for hospital pharmacy?

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In the last 6 years or so as editor in chief of EJHP, I have seen a marked change in the quality of papers and in the underlying research submitted to EJHP. The culture of research is changing, and it seems that the desire to undertake research and to publish is growing. The editorial board (listed on the back cover) is now able to be more selective in terms of what is published, and we now reject around 60% of submissions. That is a healthy position for the quality of the journal. The congress is also displaying similar interest in publishing research via posters. For this 2019 EAHP Congress, nearly 1200 submissions were made and just over 600 were accepted.

However, there does seem to be …

Correspondence to Professor Phil Wiffen, Pain Research Unit, Churchill Hospital, Oxford OX3 7LE, UK; phil.wiffen{at}

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