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1ISG-002 Budgetary impact of alirocumab repackaging in a third-level hospital
  1. N Báez,
  2. C Romero Lara,
  3. MD Santos Rubio,
  4. M Muñoz Burgos,
  5. H Rodriguez Ramallo
  1. Universitay Hospital Virgen del Rocío, Hospital Pharmacy, Seville, Spain


Background Hypercholesterolaemia is a common and growing health problem, above all in developed countries, which can cause serious consequences in patients who suffer from it.

Alirocumab is a monoclonal antibody that blocks a protein called PCSK9 and prevents LDL cholesterol receptors being absorbed and degraded inside cells, increasing their number in the surface of cells to join with LDL cholesterol and remove it from blood.

Alirocumab is a drug with a considerable economic impact on the hospital’s annual budget.

Purpose To evaluate the budgetary impact of the repackaging of the commercial dose of 150 mg in doses of 75 mg.

Material and methods To calculate the budgetary impact of alirocumab, a pharmacoeconomic study was carried out in which the savings obtained by repacking the dose of 150 mg in doses of 75 mg were evaluated since both commercial presentations have the same price.

The cost of the 75 mg commercial dose and the cost of the same dose from the repackaging was calculated, taking into account the number of doses and the duration of treatment in each patient.

The information was obtained from the corporate prescription programme, Athos Prisma and from the Diraya clinical station.

Results Seventy-three patients were treated with alirocumab during the period of study.

The total cost of the treatments administered calculated according to the commercial price of alirocumab (€192.4 per prefilled-pen) was €248,270, compared with the €1 67 425 cost to the hospital using the repackaged doses, which meant a saving of €80 845 using the 75 mg repackaged dose.

A saving of €1077.93 per patient was obtained with the repackaging of the 150 mg dose into 75 mg.

Conclusion The budgetary impact of the repackaging of the commercial presentation of 150 mg in doses of 75 mg is a cost-effective practice, simple and easy to implement in hospitals.

References and/or acknowledgements No conflict of interest.

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