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2SPD-012 Relative value units as a productivity score of management of oncology medication in special situations
  1. ME Navarrete Rouco,
  2. P Acin,
  3. N Carballo,
  4. D Conde,
  5. S Grau
  1. Hospital del Mar, Pharmacy, Barcelona, Spain


Background Relative value units (RVU) as a clinical management tool prove to be useful in measuring different pharmaceutical activities. However, little is known about RVU for the management of medication in special situations.

Purpose To measure productivity in the management, dispensation, elaboration and pharmaceutical care activity of oncology medication in special situations: expanded or early access (EA) and ‘off-label’ use in a pharmaceutical department by estimating RVU.

Material and methods Retrospective and observational study performed in a tertiary hospital. Data from all EA and off-label use oncology drugs requests were collected from January 2015 to February 2018 (38 months).

Variables collected active drug, kind of drug in special condition (EA/’off-label’) and length of treatment. Pharmaceutical processes included: management, dispensation, elaboration and pharmaceutical care.

RVU assigned to each activity have been obtained from a standardised document drawn up by the Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacists.1

Results Seventy-five oncology drug requests were analysed, of which 58 (77.3%) were EA. Nivolumab nine (13%), pertuzumab/cabonzatinib seven (10%), bevazicumab/liposomal irinotecan six (9%) and trametinib/durvalumab five (7%) were the most requested. The average length of treatment was 5.9 months.

Abstract 2SPD-012 Table 1

Conclusion The pharmaceutical process with the highest productivity was elaboration of cytotoxic drugs.

The processing of EA vs ‘off-label’ in oncology means 92.4% of total management activity.

Reference and/or acknowledgements

  1. Grupo TECNO. Servicio de Farmacia Hospitalaria. Catálogo de productos y Facturación. Madrid, 2009.

Reference and/or acknowledgementsNo conflict of interest.

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