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6ER-020 Social authorities concerning #hospitalpharmacy on twitter
  1. JA Montero Delgado1,
  2. JT De Pourcq2,
  3. E Monte Boquet3,
  4. JM Martinez Sesmero4,
  5. FJ Merino Alonso1
  1. 1Hospital Universitario Nuestra Señora de Candelaria, Hospital Pharmacy Department, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
  2. 2Hospital de La Santa Creu I Sant Pau, Hospital Pharmacy Department, Barcelona, Spain
  3. 3Hospital Universitari I Politècnico La Fe, Hospital Pharmacy Department, Valencia, Spain
  4. 4Hospital Clínico San Carlos, Hospital Pharmacy Department, Madrid, Spain


Background Twitter has become a useful digital tool for the hospital pharmacy (HP) community.

Social Authority Score (SAS) is a Twitter influence scale (1–100) that considers key performance indicators such as number of followers, user mentions, number of retweets and engagement of the user publications on Twitter1.

Purpose The main aim was to create a Twitter list including the most influential HP profiles, according to the SAS.

The secondary objective was to analyse the characteristics of the included profiles.

Material and methods Twitter users’ biographies were examined with the web-based tool FollowerWonk ( using the keywords ‘Hospital Pharmacy’, ‘Farmacia Hospitalaria’, ‘#HospitalPharmacy’, ‘#FarmaciaHospitalaria’, ‘Hospital Pharmacist’, ‘Farmacéutico Hospitalario’, ‘Farmacéutica Hospitalaria’, ‘Farmacéutico de Hospital’, ‘Farmacéutica de Hospital’ and ‘Farmacia de Hospital’.

All profile data, including SAS, was exported to a database sheet where descriptive statistical analysis was performed.

Only the profiles with a SAS≥50 were included in the final analysis.

The exclusion criteria were:

  • Non–hospital pharmacist profiles.

  • Non–Spanish or English accounts.

  • Inactive user (no tweets posted in the past 3 months).

  • Non–European user location.

  • Restricted profiles.

  • Profiles without pictures.

Results One-thousand eight hundred and eighty-three Twitter profiles were obtained after the initial search. After applying inclusion criteria and erasing duplicate records, only 70 profiles met all criteria.

The list has been published as ‘Hospital Pharmacy’ on

Most of the profiles were males (30 versus 28 females) and 12 were ungendered profiles.

86% of the profiles were Spanish.

The mean SAS was 55.2 (SD 4.28), with a maximum score of 66.8.

The mean number of followers was 1826 (225–10,670) and the mean number of published tweets was 7506 (764–37,388). An average of 3.3 tweets a day (0.7–15) were posted by the selected profiles.

Conclusion This list may help to identify HP ‘influencers’ for new HP Twitter users, to follow trending topics related to HP and to facilitate joining in with the discussions.

Social authorities on HP are mostly Spanish profiles with a publication rate >3 tweets/day and more than 1500 followers.

References and/or acknowledgements 1. Social authority: our measure of twitter influence. Moz, (accessed 15 October 2018.)

No conflict of interest.

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