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2SPD-036 Storage and dispensing of solid oral dosage forms from multiple unit containers
  1. ML Recio Blazquez1,
  2. E Rosón Sánchez1,
  3. JM Martínez Sesmero1,
  4. A Pérez Morales2,
  5. V Puebla García1
  1. 1Hospital Clínico San Carlos, Pharmacy, Madrid, Spain
  2. 2Summa 112, Pharmacy, Madrid, Spain


Background Solid oral dosage forms packed in multiple unit containers (SODF-MUC) are exposed, when the package is opened, to the hospital and patients’ home conditions (light, temperature, humidity and microbiological).


  1. To check the SODF–MUC requirement, after the container opening, in order to determine special conditions for its repackaging and storage.

    1. Dry place that does not exceed 40% average relative humidity at 20°C or the equivalent water vapour pressure at other temperatures.

    2. Room with temperature under 25°C.

    3. Refrigeration, (temperature between 2° to 8° C).

    4. Protected from the light.

  2. To quantify the importance of the annual net price of hospital SODF–MUC.

Material and methods Pharmaceutical and technical data of SODF-MUC were extracted from 89 technical sheets inserted in the website of the State Medication Agency.

Dispensations and its price, during the period 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018, were obtained from the management programme of the Pharmacy Service.

Results Three SODF-MUC had a lack of a technical data sheet.

Fifteen SODF-MUC (16.8%) reduced their expiration date (some drastically) after opening the bottle.

Twenty-nine SODF-MUC (32.6%) should be protected from moisture, 18 contain desiccant and 11 recommended to keep medication in the original container and/or in closed bottle.

Thirty-two SODF-MUC (35.9%) do not need special storage conditions, seven contain desiccant.

Ten SODF-MUC (11.2%) have desiccant in the container and colloidal silica as excipient.

Nine SODF-MUC need protection from light, three of these have the same active principle as the other six SODF-MUC which do not require this condition.

In terms of management, 7 63 063 units of 29 SODF-MUC were dispensed, whose net price during the year reached €13,292,223. It means that 1.3% of the total of specialties consume 16% of annual medication expenditure.

Conclusion The amount and cost of SODF-MUC dispensed are high and their correct use in patients’ homes is not guaranteed. Hospital pharmacy departments need conditions suitable for repackaging. This problem would probably be avoided if the SODF-MUC were marketed in single-dose containers.

References and/or acknowledgements I would like to thank all my colleagues for their continued support.

No conflict of interest.

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