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3PC-037 Development of virtual drug information centre for pharmacy compounding area
  1. JA Montero Delgado1,
  2. A Ferrer Machín1,
  3. M Vera Cabrera1,
  4. MC Jordán de Luna2,
  5. L Díaz Díaz1,
  6. I González García1,
  7. MA Navarro Dávila1,
  8. R Mesa Exposito1,
  9. E Tevar Alfonso1,
  10. MÁ Ocaña Gomez1,
  11. FJ Merino Alonso1
  1. 1Hospital Universitario Nuestra Señora de Candelaria, Hospital Pharmacy Department, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
  2. 2Instituto Catalán de Oncología, Pharmacy Department, Barcelona, Spain


Background Professional use of web 2.0 digital tools is increasing recently in the hospital pharmacy field.

Symbaloo (www. is a free web-based tool that allows users to create a virtual desk to organise key information sources (links or documents) in a user-friendly and personalised page for free.

Purpose The main objective of the study was to develop a Symbaloo digital desk for the pharmacy compounding area of a tertiary-level hospital.

Material and methods A descriptive study was carried out in May 2018.

A Symbaloowebmix’ called ‘Farmacotecnia’ was created with a pharmacy department profile. The next step was to add links to the web, following the criteria shown below:

  • Virtual documents, links and other web resources recommended by healthcare organisations, scientific associations or hospital pharmacy departments.

  • Websites that comply with the basic recommendations of reliable health websites of the Health Quality Agency of Andalucia or have any web–quality seal such as ‘Health on the Net Code’ seal.

  • Only Spanish– or English–speaking websites.

Update up to 24 months before its inclusion on the webmix. Links of own documents were obtained to share from Google Drive web service.

The webmix was published open access, after the pharmacy department checked the links and information.

Results The Webmix ‘Farmacotecnia’ is available at

At 10 October 2018, the number of added links was 69, distributed in different categories:

  • Official websites of scientific institutions related to compounding pharmacy (eight).

  • Databases of compounding formulas and drugs (eight).

  • Books, journals and other documents (18).

  • Catalogues of paediatric formulae and other paediatric resources (10).

  • News, bulletins, blogs, Twitter list and forum related to pharmacy compounding (four).

  • Providers’ websites (seven).

  • Consultation documents, medical calculators and other web resources (14).

The webmix is currently used by 95 Symbaloo users.

Conclusion Symbaloo is a dynamic tool that supplies access and organisation of the most useful web resources for the pharmacy-compounding area team, and can also act as a ‘filter’ for the excessive health information available on the Internet.

By this method, the search and information query becomes more simple, reliable and potentially efficient in terms of time and clicks saving.

Reference and/or acknowledgements ‘Farmacotecnia’. (accessed 15 October 2018).

No conflict of interest.

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