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3PC-047 Evaluation of the effectiveness and satisfaction of the master suspension formula for mucositis elaborated in a tertiary hospital
  1. E Conesa Nicolás,
  2. AM Chica Marchal,
  3. AC Viney,
  4. S Nuñez Bracamonte,
  5. A Lloret Llorca,
  6. C Juez Santamaría,
  7. CN García Matillas,
  8. MS Garcia Simón,
  9. MDM Sanchez Catalicio
  1. Hospital General Universitario Santa Lucía, Servicio de Farmacia, Cartagena- Murcia, Spain


Background Mucositis is a complication arising from chemotherapy that reduces the quality of life of a cancer patient. Its prevention and treatment are important.

Purpose To evaluate the effectiveness and satisfaction of the suspension for mucositis elaborated in the pharmacy service, destined for patients with mucositis as a consequence of cytostatic treatment, in order to identify where improvement is needed.

Material and methods Observational descriptive study for 1 month. Patients who attended the oncohematological day hospital to receive treatment and to pick up the suspension for mucositis were included. The master formula was composed of nystatin, methylprednisolone, mepivacaine, gentamicin and 1/6 M bicarbonate.

All the patients who agreed to participate in the study were given an anonymous questionnaire. It included information about demographics, pathology, (degree of mucositis according to the World Health Organisation), tolerability, effectiveness and patient satisfaction. The replies referred to qualitative dichotomous or polytomous variables, with nominal or ordinal gradations. The replies were analysed via an Excel 2010 spreadsheet.

Results Sixty-nine questionnaires were collected.

Twenty-six were men and four were excluded from the study for lack of information. The average age of the patients was 63±10.83 years old.

The patients were classified based on the degree of mucositis: 21 patients grade 0, 19 grade 1, 23 grade 2, one grade 3 and one grade 4.

Fifty-six patients (86.15%) indicated a considerable improvement in symptoms after the use of the master formula after 2–4 days of use. In five (7.69%) patients there was no improvement.

As for the taste, the valuation of the majority (64.68%) was that it was disagreeable.

In general, the valuation of the master formula was: 1 (3.07%), 2 (9.23%), 3 (40%), 4 (36.92%) and 5 (10.77%), 1 being nothing, 2 being a little, 3 being quite a bit, 4 being a lot and 5 being totally satisfactory.

Conclusion The master formula for mucositis elaborated in the pharmacy service is effectiveness in the control of the symptoms of mucositis in more than 90% of patients.

The patients showed a high degree of satisfaction globally, palatability being the factor that required improvement. As an opportunity to improve we found the study of flavourings compatible with the formula and that they did not interfere with the therapeutic effect.

References and/or acknowledgements No conflict of interest.

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