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Inpatients’ satisfaction towards information received about medicines


Objective Healthcare providers (HCPs) often overestimate the quality and quantity of information they provide to patients. This study aimed to find out inpatients’ satisfaction towards information about medicines provided during inpatient stay.

Methods This cross-sectional study was conducted at Lewisham Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital in June 2017. Patients’ satisfaction with information about medicines provided during inpatient stay was assessed using a 17-item Satisfaction with Information about Medicines Scale (SIMS).

Results 71 patients completed the questionnaire. The average percentage of patients being satisfied with the information provided in the nine-item ‘action and usage’ subscale of SIMS was 74.4%, compared with the eight-item ‘potential problems’ subscale with an average percentage of 56%. Patients aged 45–64 were more likely to be satisfied with information on ‘how the medicines work’ than the 65 and above as well as the 18–44 age groups (p=0.045). Patients who attended secondary school and below were more likely to be satisfied than those attending college and above towards this information (p=0.002). Patients of white or mixed white and black ethnicity were less satisfied than other ethnic groups of information regarding the impact of medication on sex life (p=0.019). Black or black British were more likely to be satisfied towards information on unwanted medication side effects compared with other ethnic groups (p=0.025).

Conclusions HCPs could improve on the provision of information on potential problems that patients might experience with their medicines. Patients’ age, educational level and ethnicity should be taken into consideration when providing information about medicines.

  • satisfaction
  • inpatients
  • medicines information
  • sims
  • patients

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