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3PC-010 Evaluation of the production accuracy and error rate in the automated compounding of cytotoxic preparations by a robot
  1. BR Kujau1,
  2. J Raffaelli2,
  3. C Klaas1
  1. 1Universitätsklinikum Münster, Zentrale Einrichtung Apotheke, Münster, Germany
  2. 2Loccioni Deutschland Gmbh, Humancare, Calw, Germany


Background and importance In chemotherapy compounding, the accuracy of the preparation is related to patient safety. A fully automatic production through a robotic system should ensure not only complete documentation and minimisation of the risk of pharmacy personnel being exposed to toxic drugs, but also greater accuracy of the compounding, consequently improving patient safety.

Aim and objectives The study aimed to verify the production accuracy of APOTECAchemo as well as the error rate of the robot during compounding.

Material and methods Using the statistical software ‘APOTECAm@A’, which allows regular checking of the performance of the robot, the pharmacy production of 20 anticancer active ingredients was monitored from January to October 2018, focusing on the dosage accuracy (%) of the preparations automatically compounded and the robot error rate.

The results of the analysis will define the performance of the automation in terms of preparation quality and safety, and production efficiency in the daily routine of the pharmacy.

Results During the study period, 8478 automated preparations were compounded with APOTECAchemo by the pharmacy. The error rate of the robot was ~1% of the total automated production. Regarding the accuracy of the successful preparations compounded by APOTECAchemo, 97.5% of the preparations had a dosage accuracy between 0 and ±3%. The remaining 2.5% of the preparations produced with the robotic system were within the ±5% tolerance limits defined by the pharmacy as acceptable.

Conclusion and relevance The analysis carried out by APOTECAm@A showed high dosage accuracy in combination with a low percentage of errors in the automated production. The data show high quality as well as high reproducibility of safe production using APOTECAchemo.

References and/or acknowledgements No conflict of interest.

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