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3PC-053 Impact of serialisation on reception of medicines and activity smoothing
  1. P Lacassagne
  1. Intern in Pharmacy, 31270, Cugnaux, France


Background and importance In February 2019, EU regulation 2016/161 made serialisation compulsory to improve the safety of medicines. This new regulation caused a major change in our practice of receiving medicines. Indeed, because of the high number of boxes received, we will install a robot to decommission all the medicine boxes.

Aim and objectives To identify the modifications in our reception process with the new regulation.

Material and methods Reception data on our managing software (Copilote) for the last 23 weeks were exported and analysed by Excel.

Results The new regulation will reorganise our process of reception by creating three different flows instead of one. The three identified flows are: serialisable+robot (SR); serialisable+no robot (SNR); not serialisable+no robot (NSNR).

SR products will be handled by the robot whereas SNR will be decommissioned when received. We need to change our analysis method, from lines of product received to number of medicine boxes received, in order to assess the required volume of storage of our new robot. The main flow is SR (71%), followed by SNR (28.5%), whereas NSNR is negligible (0.5%). We observed that the number of drug boxes received was not smooth, with peak activity every 8 weeks.

Conclusion and relevance We identified the major changes caused by the new regulation and changed our analysis method to fit the new regulation. We will now analyse the largest laboratory orders to try to smooth out activity. Therefore, we will change the order calendar. Consequently, we expect an improvement in activity in order to stock the medicine boxes in the robot and reduce the delay in reception.

References and/or acknowledgements No conflict of interest.

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