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Feasibility of using CollaboRATE to evaluate pharmacist-led medicines-related consultations in UK hospitals: a pilot study


Objectives To explore how the CollaboRATE measure could be used as a process measure of shared decision-making in ward-based pharmacy consultations.

Method Participants on two wards, at a large, London-based UK teaching hospital were asked to complete the five-point CollaboRATE measure about the most recent consultation with their regular ward pharmacist.

Results All 50 participants offered a CollaboRATE measure completed it. In response to questions 1 and 2, 72% and 66%, respectively reported that their pharmacist made a lot or every effort to help them understand their medicines and listen to what mattered to them. 44% reported that their pharmacist made a lot or every effort to include them in what mattered to them most about choosing their medicines (question 3).

Conclusion There is potential to use the CollaboRATE measure to assess pharmacy consultations, however, question 3 may warrant further exploration in relation to relevance in ward pharmacy consultations.

  • clinical pharmacy
  • education & training (see medical education & training)
  • quality in healthcare
  • hospital pharmacy competencies
  • hospital pharmacy education

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Data are available on reasonable request. Data are available from NB c/o London North West University NHS Trust.

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