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6ER-033 Pharmacist led deprescribing and follow-up in a subacute multidisciplinary outpatient clinic: a pilot randomised controlled trial
  1. A Aharaz1,2,
  2. J Henning Rasmussen1,
  3. H Bach Ølgaard Mcnulty2,
  4. A Cyron1,
  5. AK Pedersen Bengaard2,3,
  6. RR Løvig Simonsen2,
  7. C Treldal2,3,
  8. M Baltzer Houlind2,3
  1. 1Copenhagen University Hospital, Multidisciplinary Outpatient Clinic-Amager Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark
  2. 2The Capital Region Pharmacy, Amager-Hvidovre, Herlev, Denmark
  3. 3Copenhagen University Hospital, Department of Clinical Research-Amager-Hvidovre Hospital, Hvidovre, Denmark


Background and importance Medication deprescribing is essential to prevent inappropriate medication prescribing. However, the experiences of deprescribing in Danish outpatient clinics are limited.

Aim and objectives Our objective was to determine the feasibility of a pharmacist led deprescribing intervention in subacute multimorbid patients in a multidisciplinary outpatient clinic.

Material and methods Participants were randomised 1:1 to the intervention or standard care. A senior pharmacist performed a systematic deprescribing intervention, including a patient interview with follow-up 7 and 30 days after inclusion. A senior physician received the proposed recommendations and decided which should be implemented. The main outcome was the number of patients having ≥1 sustained medication deprescribed between inclusion and the 30 day follow-up.

Results Of 76 eligible patients, 72 (95%) were included and 67 (93%) completed the study (57% men; mean age 73 years and mean number of prescribed medications 10). In total, 37 medications were deprescribed in the intervention group and 5 in the control group. 19 patients (56%) in the intervention group and 4 (12%) in the control group had ≥1 sustained medications deprescribed 30 days after the intervention (p=0.015). The three most frequent deprescribed medication groups were analgesics, and cardiovascular and gastrointestinal medications.

Conclusion and relevance In conclusion, a pharmacist led deprescribing intervention to subacute multimorbid patients is feasible to perform in a multidisciplinary outpatient clinic.

Conflict of interest No conflict of interest

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