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4CPS-347 Clinical trial drugs: dispensing optimisation for outpatients of a cancer centre
  1. E Mayet,
  2. S Suzzoni,
  3. L Barty,
  4. A Rieutord,
  5. K Chetouane
  1. Gustave Roussy, Pharmacy Department, Villejuif, France


Background and importance According to national legislation, some medications are not available from the community pharmacy but only from the hospital pharmacy. Among these treatments are clinical trial drugs or investigational products. Pharmacists are expected to ascertain that patients or caregivers have gained clear and complete information. Our hospital has more than 600 beds and more than 7000 outpatients visiting a year; 70% are clinical trial outpatients.

Aim and objectives The objective of this study was to assess patient knowledge and counselling during dispensing of clinical trial products to improve clinical trial outpatient care.

Material and methods Outpatients receiving their medication from our hospital pharmacy participated in this study. An anonymous questionnaire regarding outpatient care was distributed to them. We focused in this study on clinical trial patient answers. The impact/effort matrix, a decision making tool based on the level of effort required and the potential impact or benefits we will have, was used to determine the solutions to improve the situation. The study was conducted from February to June 2020

Results This study included 61 outpatients treated for cancer; 41 patients (68%) were treated with clinical trial drugs. 15% (9/61) were unaware of the product’s status. One patient did not know about his inclusion in a clinical trial. Among the 41 clinical trial patients, 83% (34 patients) said that they never received an explanation about the clinical trial circuit and treatment dispensing. 95% (39/41) patients would like more support, such as posters, videos and more communication.

Conclusion and relevance This study showed that outpatients can be misinformed about their treatment, and that there was a lack of support for the patient. To improve this situation, firstly, we created a video to illustrate and explain what a clinical trial is and the course of the clinical trial patient. This video will be broadcast on TV in the waiting room. This solution is the easiest and fastest option to set up. An evaluation of the optimised service is planned in the near future.

The second step will be delivering clinical trial drug counselling.

Conflict of interest No conflict of interest

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