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4CPS-153 Remdesivir use and efficacy in patients with severe SARS-CoV-2 pneumonia
  1. M Gómez Delgado,
  2. JL Ortiz Latorre,
  3. N Martínez Casanova,
  4. I Moya Carmona
  1. Hospital Virgen de la Victoria, Farmacia Hospitalaria, Málaga, Spain


Background and importance Remdesivir is a viral RNA polymerase inhibitor. After the NIAID ACTT-1 study results, it currently is an antiviral medicine used to treat coronavirus disease 2019.

Aim and objectives Describe use of remdesivir based on current epidemiological trends.

Describe results of use of remdesivir in clinical practice.

Compare our research results with those of the NIAD ATCC-1 study.

Material and methods Retrospective observational study, all patients treated with remdesivir were included for two study periods: first stage (July–December 2020) and second stage (January–March 2021). Demographic and clinical variables were collected. Data were obtained from electronic medical records and prescription applications. Nineteen patients were included in the study.

Conclusion and relevance In both stages remdesivir was used in a similar way in patients with similar basal characteristics. Treatment days were 5, instead of 10 days as in the pivotal study, due to regulation of Spanish health officials’ instructions in patients who did not require mechanical ventilation.

Patients treated with remdesivir presented a recovery time with an average of 11.5 and 10 days, respectively. These data matched those of the previous study.

Similar to previous research, lack of a control group and the small sample size must be mentioned, and because of this the magnitude of clinical benefit could not be estimated.

Conflict of interest No conflict of interest

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