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NP-002 ‘Capsule pharma’, an innovative digital training tool to learn about important sterile medical device (SMD) concepts
  1. O Jouhet,
  2. A Guibert,
  3. AC Lagrave
  1. Pharmacy department, Poissy Saint Germain en Laye hospital, Poissy, France


Background and Importance Staff knowledge of Sterile Medical Device is weakened by staff turnover, acute understaffing, constant changes in the SMD field, market changes, and numerous marketing shortages and discontinuations. However, the daily use of medical devices is a source of misuse if important concepts are unknown. Comments and questions from hospital staff reveal a need for training sessions. We had to innovate and build new communication tools for staff that be better trained.

Aim and Objectives The main objective of this work is to remind SMD staff of important notions to improve the quality and safety of SMD use by a video tool.

Materials and Methods We defined 50 technical or practical notions thanks to our interventions history about SMD. They have been classified into 5 themes: general information, bandages, digestive approach, parenteral approach, and miscellaneous. Their knowledge was evaluated among hospital staff with a web-based survey. A rate of knowledge (RK) was calculated for each notion and theme, considered known if the RK>70% or unknown if the RK<40%. The unknown themes will be the subject of a series of training videos produced with Adobe Première Pro®.

Results We obtained 266 answers to the survey. The average rate of knowledge of the 50 concepts was 47%. Only 11 concepts were well known, while 19 are unknown. For example, the interviewed staff did not know the meaning of the two stripes logo or what -ENFit connectivity is. The two topics with the lowest level of knowledge were general information (RK=37%) and the digestive approach (RK=36%). The first video of the ‘Capsule Pharma’ explains generalities in 4 minutes. It was sent online and the overall satisfaction score was 9,5/10.

Conclusion and Relevance This study shows how important continuous training is the key for hospital staff to better understand SMD. The format of short videos has been chosen for its attractiveness and its unlimited quick playback on different media. «Capsule Pharma» will become an innovative and institutional communication tool for SMD and other health products.

  • Sterile medical Device
  • knowledge
  • training
  • education
  • digital tool

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