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5PSQ-022 Analysis of healthcare visits to emergency services from patients with painful vascular ulcers treated with topical sevoflurane
  1. MT Gomez Sanchez,
  2. FD Fernandez Gines,
  3. B Sanchez Rodriguez,
  4. M Sanchez Valera,
  5. T Moreno Diaz,
  6. D Gamez Torres
  1. Hospital Torrecardenas, Pharmacy, Almeria, Spain


Background and Importance Patients with chronic vascular ulcers (VUs) suffer pain that is frequently managed with systemic analgesics such as opioids, exposing the patient to the secondary effects of these drugs. Therefore, there is a decrease in the patient's quality of life and an increase in emergency healthcare. Recently, sevoflurane has been shown to have a rapid analgesic effect when applied topically on VUs, providing a new therapeutic alternative in pain management.

Aim and Objectives To evaluate the analgesic effectiveness of topical sevoflurane in poorly controlled VUs using a comparative analysis of emergency and scheduled health care before and after the beginning of treatment.

Material and Methods A retrospective study was designed to quantify urgent and scheduled care visits in the 12 months prior to the beginning of treatment and in the 6 months after treatment of 5 patients (3 women and 2 men). Data were collected from the clinical database of the Andalusian Health System (Diraya). All patients had a high degree of comorbidity and VUs with uncontrolled pain.

Results The following figure shows the number of times that patients go to health services for uncontrolled pain associated with vascular ulcers. There is a decrease in emergency care visits in all the patients studied after the start of treatment. It should be pointed out that patients 2, 4 and 5 did not have to go to the health emergency services.

Conclusion and Relevance This study seems to show a decrease in emergency healthcare after applying topical sevoflurane due to its role as an analgesic in patients refractory to conventional therapies. Obviously, relevant clinical trials are requiered to adequately establish the role of topical sevoflurane in the pain management.

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