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6ER-006 Current performance of hospital pharmacy specialists trained at a tertiary hospital in Spain
  1. B Santos Ramos1,
  2. H Rodriguez-Ramallo2,
  3. AA Rodríguez-Pérez1,
  4. L Rodríguez Defrancisco1,
  5. M Fernández González1
  1. 1Hospital Virgen Del Rocío, Pharmacy Department, Seville, Spain
  2. 2Hospital Universitario Virgen Del Rocio, Pharmacy, Seville, Spain


Background and Importance Professional success may be an indicator of quality of specialised training. Pharmacy services should analyse the employment of their residents.

Aim and Objectives To describe and analyse a cohort of specialists trained at a tertiary hospital as quality control of the teaching performance.

Material and Methods Names, gender, residency start dates, and current job position of all residents trained in our tertiary hospital from 1979 to the present were recorded. The current jobs were classified as: deceased, retired, never worked, community pharmacy, public administration, primary care pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, currently in the training period, or other. For hospital pharmacy jobs, it was tabulated whether it was in a public or private one and the Spanish province where it is located (or a foreign country).

Results In 43 years (1979–2022), 80 professionals (54 women, 67.5%) have started their residency in our department. The distribution by five years of the proportion of women is presented in table 1.

Abstract 6ER-006 Table 1

Nowadays, 61, 8, and 2 specialists are active, retired and have passed away, respectively. 8 residents are being trained.

Among the 61 active specialists, 5 work in administration, 4 in primary care, 3 in community pharmacy, 1 in another specialty, 1 is unemployed and 47 work in a hospital pharmacy (5 in private hospitals).

Among the 61 active specialists, 12 have been heads of pharmacy services.

Among the 47 specialists working in hospitals, 20 do so in our hospital, 16 in other Andalusian hospitals, and 11 in other communities.

Conclusion and Relevance Our hospital has contributed to the Hospital Pharmacy speciality by training eighty specialists. Mostly women working overwhelmingly in public hospitals. The development of the hospital pharmacy profession in Spain and specifically in our centre has allowed many specialists to work in the same hospital they were trained.

The fact that several of our colleagues have been heads of a pharmacy department may indicate a special motivation imparted towards managerial skills.

Conflict of Interest No conflict of interest.

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