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4CPS-018 Evolution of antimicrobial use in COVID-19 patients
  1. M Alfonsín Lara1,
  2. A Pérez Landeiro1,
  3. N García Beloso1,
  4. M Couñago Fernández1,
  5. D Robles Torres1,
  6. P Prado Montes1,
  7. I Agra Blanco1,
  8. A López López1,
  9. S Baltazar2,
  10. N Martínez López de Castro1
  1. 1Hospital Álvaro Cunqueiro, Farmacia Hospitalaria, Vigo, Spain
  2. 2Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Galicia Sur Iisgs, Unidad de Metodología Y Estadística, Vigo, Spain


Background and Importance Antimicrobial prescribing prevalence in COVID-19 patients is estimated to be around 75%, whereas bacterial coinfection prevalence is estimated to be less than 10%. This data shows the unnecessary use of antibiotics.

Aim and Objectives To compare the evolution of antimicrobial consumption in COVID-19 patients between the beginning of the pandemic and the third COVID-19 wave in our hospital.

Material and Methods Observational retrospective study conducted in a tertiary care hospital during March to June 2020 and May to August 2021 in COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit (CICU) and COVID-19 medical ward (CMW) patients. We extracted antimicrobial consumption data from the Pharmacy database (Silicon) and bed-days data from Admission Service.

We standardised antimicrobial consumption to defined daily doses (DDD)/100 bed-days. The descriptive analysis was performed with SPSS. We conducted a normality, an independence and a correlation test.

Results An 8% decrease in global antimicrobial use was observed. However, we found a 30% decrease in CMW, and a 39% increase in CICU.

Abstract 4CPS-018 Table 1

The antibiotic use in the two periods showed a significance correlation (p<0,001).

Conclusion and Relevance

  • There is a light decrease of antimicrobial prescriptions in all COVID-19 patients.

  • There is an important decrease in antimicrobial use in CMW and a considerable increase in CICU.

  • These results suggest the need for more antimicrobial stewardship programmes in CICU

Conflict of Interest No conflict of interest

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