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4CPS-139 The pharmaceutical newsletter as an information tool: useful or futile?
  1. W Ammor,
  2. C Auriault,
  3. M Horellou,
  4. S Petitgas
  1. Centre Hospitalier Loire Vendée Océan, Internal Use Pharmacy, Challans, France


Background and Importance Since July 2007, pharmaceutical team writes a monthly pharmaceutical newsletter (PN) to hospital staff (HS). It contains information about drugs or medical devices (pharmaceutical news, reminders of appropriate use, etc.). It is currently sent to health managers and HS by e-mail and is accessible on the hospital web portal. However, since its implementation, no study has been carried out concerning the adherence of HS to this tool.

Aim and Objectives The aim is to assess the adherence of HS to the PN and to propose areas of improvement.

Material and Methods We developed two surveys in digital and paper format: one for the health managers and the other for the readers of the PN. The survey for the managers was first sent to them to find out how they circulated the PN to the staff in their units. Units for which managerial responses had not been collected were excluded. The survey was conduct in September 2022 by two pharmacy interns.

Results 16 health managers responded to the survey: 100% read the PN, 81% distributed it (85% posted it in the department and 15% by e-mail).

123 readers (including 40% of nurses, 20% of nursing assistants, 15% of doctors) from 20 departments responded to the survey. 68% of HS read the PN: 20% consulted it by e-mail, 30% read it on the hospital web portal, 34% read it displayed in the unit and 5% read it at the pharmacy. 75% find it useful, 83% are satisfied with its content, 83% with its presentation and 63% with the distribution channel. Finally, 48% of readers would like the PN to be displayed in their units, 40% would like it to be sent by email and 15% would like a dedicated website.

Conclusion and Relevance The majority of HS support the PN, find it useful and appreciate its content and presentation. Part of the HS did not know the PN, which shows that the distribution method needed to be improved. We have therefore updated the mailing list. This survey has enabled us to highlight the satisfaction with the HN and improve its distribution.

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