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4CPS-172 Brodalumab's effectiveness on moderate to severe plaque psoriasis in real practise
  1. M Rodriguez Goicoechea1,
  2. E Tejedor Tejada2,
  3. S Cano Dominguez3,
  4. A Moreno Lopez1,
  5. N Garcia Gomez1,
  6. MJ Barbero Hernández1,
  7. F Horno Ureña1
  1. 1Hospitalary Complex of Jaén, Hospital Pharmacy, Jaen, Spain
  2. 2Barcelona Clinic Hospital, Hospital Pharmacy, Barcelona, Spain
  3. 3Universitary Hospital Virgen de Las Nieves, Hospital Pharmacy, Granada, Spain


Background and Importance Plaque psoriasis is a chronic pathology with an important impact on patients’ quality of life and emotional health. Brodalumab was the last anti-interleukin17 (IL-17) arriving to patients.

Aim and Objectives To evaluate brodalumab effectiveness in real practise

Material and Methods Multicentric, retrospective and observational study performed to evaluate brodalumab in patients with moderate – severe plaque psoriasis between June 2021 and June 2022. Data extracted from clinical records application and prescribing programme , demographic data (age, sex), and clinical (previous biologic treatment lines, body surface area (BSA) and psoriasis area severity index (PASI) before treatment and in each dermatologic control). Effectiveness was measured comparing AMAGINE clinical trials PASI75 results (efficacy calculated with weighted average).

Results 41 patients with brodalumab as active treatment, 1 was excluded due to lack of follow up and other due to late start of treatment. 39 patients included, 52.4 years averaged, 66.7% were men. Other lines of treatments approved for moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis were used as first line in 19 patients, as 2nd line in 5, as 3rd line in 3 and as 4th line in 5 patients.

Average BSA and PASI at baseline were 14.32 and 11.55 respectively. After a median of 23 weeks, our patients reached PASI75 in 56%, PASI90 in 51% and PASI100 in 49% of cases. No patient stopped treatment.

After 40 weeks, 3 patients had changed their treatment and 4 had not reached the next visit to Dermatology. PASI90 and PASI100 kept in 9 of 23 patients (39%), as PASI75 still was kept by 11 patients (48%).

After one year of treatment, only 15 patients were active with treatment, and PASI90 and PASI100 were kept by 5 patients of 10 with recorded data.

According to clinical trials, brodalumab achieves a PASI75 in 85% of patients at 12th week and kept a PASI75 in 68% of patients at 52nd week.

Limitations: several patients did not have recorded in their clinical history BSA and PASI after 12th week visit.

Conclusion and Relevance Our findings show that brodalumab is less effective in real practice but it can be considered as a potent antipsoriatic agent in clinical practise. Further and longer studies should be made.

Conflict of Interest No conflict of interest

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