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2SPD-008 Budgetary impact due to the replacement of original lenalidomide into generic lenalidomide
  1. FP Ana,
  2. MA Gayoso Rodríguez,
  3. MI Zas García,
  4. J Núñez Rodríguez
  1. Hospital Valle Del Nalón, Hospital Pharmacy Service, Langreo, Spain


Background and Importance The use of generic drugs is one of the most effective tools to increase efficiency in the economic management of the health system. From March 2021 to February 2022, the acquisition of the original molecule of lenalidomide (Revlimid®) represented the main expense in the ABC of drug purchases. As of this date, a generic specialty was commercialised and the Pharmacy Service proposed a replacement between them, given that both share the same indications as in the technical datasheet.

Aim and Objectives Quantifying the economic impact in the expenses of chapter II of a general hospital, caused by the acquisition of generic lenalidomide instead of Revlimid® and its repercussion on the budget during 12 months.

Material and Methods Although only two months of evolution with the new generic molecule are available, we have extrapolated this data to one year so that we can calculate the economical differences when it comes to the budget.

Results From March 2021 to February 2022, the purchase of Revlimid® has meant a net amount of €1,014,886.46, which represents 9.8% of the total expense in chapter II (€10,246,115.23) and positions it as first spend in the ranking of medicines purchased in this period of 12 months.

The amount derived from the purchase of generic lenalidomide corresponding to the studied period, comes up to €1,601.27. That results in an estimate of €9,607.62 for 12 months.

Assuming that the same number of patients and treatments with lenalidomide were stable throughout the period, as well as the expenditure on the rest of the ABC of drugs, the economic impact generated would mean a saving of approximately €1,005,278.84, which would cause a significant decrease in the chapter II for our Hospital (-14.25%).

Conclusion and Relevance The economic impact caused by the introduction of generic lenalidomide in our Hospital will produce savings of more than one million euros.

Speeding up the authorisation processes for generic medicines, as well as other pricing policies, are essential manoeuvres to get a cohesive health system that guarantees equal access to medicines.

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