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4CPS-110 Systematic review and e-questionnaire on the service characteristics, operations and activities of centres for medicines information (CMI)
  1. E van den broucke1,
  2. L Cosemans2,
  3. M Min Teh3,
  4. T de Rijdt2,
  5. C Quintens2,
  6. I Spriet1
  1. 1University Hospital Leuven, Hospital Pharmacy Department/Faculty of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Leuven, Belgium
  2. 2University Hospital Leuven, Hospital Pharmacy Department, Leuven, Belgium
  3. 3University College London, School of Pharmacy, London, UK


Background and Importance Clinical pharmacy is well-developed in our country, but is currently mainly bedside-oriented and driven by pharmacist initiatives. Furthermore, a standardized approach for providing and following-up on clinical pharmacy on demand is lacking. In our centre, only a basic service is foreseen in which recommendations are given in response to telephone inquiries. There is a need to develop and implement a Centre for Medicines Information (CMI

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