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4CPS-196 Assessment of oral drug therapy regarding absorption disorders in patients with intestinal ostomies – an observational study
  1. M Zakhari-Betros,
  2. I Summer,
  3. A Poier,
  4. C Fegerl-Stadlober
  1. Barmherzige Brüder Hospital, Hospital Pharmacy, Graz, Austria


Background and Importance An insufficient absorption of orally administered drugs may threaten therapy goals. Thus, gastrointestinal alterations associated with ostomy formations may pave the way towards absorption disorders. Although there had been reports, this topic remains not sufficiently studied.1

Aim and Objectives The main purpose of this study was to assess oral medication in patients who had newly undergone ileostomy or colostomy formation in order to observe whether surgery led to presence of any drug residuals in the pouches, ineffectiveness of therapy or any other indications of absorption disturbances.

Material and Methods An observational study was conducted between March 2022 and September 2023 at the Division of Visceral Surgery at the hospital. Fifty patients aged 18–80 years, were enrolled. Oral drug therapy of every patient was assessed following ostomy surgery. Prior hospital discharge, an interview was led with the patients to collect additional data regarding clinical status. At earliest, 2–8 weeks after discharge, the patients were interviewed a second time at the ostomy outpatient clinic or by telephone call. Both interviews were led by two pharmacists based on standardised questionnaires.

Sixty-three different agents were administered In the following (table 1), findings regarding drug category are shown. Table 2 presents a drug monitoring carried out to proof impaired absorption of bupropion.

Abstract 4CPS-196 Table 1
Abstract 4CPS-196 Table 2

Conclusion and Relevance The results of this study confirm that, contrary to assumptions, absorption disorders may also occur in drug therapy which seems to be absorbed rapidly. Therefore, no absolute statements regarding intestinal absorptive capacity can be done. Oral drug therapy of every patient has to be assessed individually based on intestinal condition and applied drug properties.

References and/or Acknowledgements 1. DGKP Mario Gradischnig, Dr. Felix Aigner. MBA FEBS FACS

2. Hasait N, et al. The ileostomy patient and his drug therapy – Drug absorption problems of patients with an ileostomy. What to do? Krankenhauspharmazie. 2015; 36(5):229–248.

Conflict of Interest No conflict of interest.

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