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4CPS-205 Results of antibiotic prophylaxis in acute broncho aspiration pneumonitis
  1. A Varas Perez1,
  2. MT Brieva Herrero1,
  3. P Frias Ruiz2
  1. 1Hospital Antequera, Pharmacy Service, Antequera, Spain
  2. 2Genesis Care, Pharmacy Service, Jerez De La Fra, Spain


Background and Importance The use of antibiotics in acute bronchial aspiration is common, although there is little evidence that it provides benefits, and it exposes patients to increased microbiological resistance and the appearance of side effects from the use of antibiotics.

Aim and Objectives Compare mortality, change of ventilation modality, ICU admission and hospital stay of patients with aspiration who receive prophylactic antibiotic therapy, with patients who do not receive antibiotics.

Material and Methods Retrospective descriptive observational study of patients with acute bronchial aspiration (January 2022 to March/2023). Demographic and clinical data were collected from the patient‘s medical history; and medication-related information from the electronic prescription software available in the hospital.

Results 267 patients (50.6% women). Average 81.62 years. Services: Emergencies (75.7%), Internal (12.4%). Charlson index 6.10 (SD 2.73). Risk of bronchial aspiration in 71 patients (26.6%). 231 (86.5%) antibiotic, 36 (13.5%) without antibiotic. Amoxicillin-clavulanic acid was most commonly used (59.2%). Antibiotic treatment duration 6.64 days (SD 4.40). Seven complications secondary to antibiotics. Antibiotic indicated in 28 patients (10.5%). 30 patients (11.2%) changed ventilatory modality, 21 patients (7.9%) were admitted to the ICU. 97 patients (36.3%) died (days until death 5.75 days), of which 75 (77.1%) received antibiotics.

Conclusion and Relevance Prophylactic antibiotics during acute aspiration do not reduce mortality or the need for ICU admission, but rather increase the need to change ventilation modality. The hospital stay in prophylactic antibiotic therapy is longer compared to patients who do not receive antibiotics.

Conflict of Interest No conflict of interest.

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