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4CPS-217 A comparative evaluation of the long-term effectiveness of guselkumab and risankizumab in the clinical management of plaque psoriasis
  1. M Rodriguez Goicoechea1,
  2. L Gutiérrez Lucena1,
  3. AJ Moreno Lopez1,
  4. S Cano Dominguez2,
  5. C Garrido Colmenero3,
  6. FG Moreno Suarez3,
  7. M Ocaña Cano3,
  8. P Aceituno3,
  9. E Tejedor Tejada4,
  10. F Horno Ureña1
  1. 1Hospitalary Complex Of Jaén, Hospital Pharmacy, Jaén, Spain
  2. 2Hospitalary Complex Of Granada, Hospital Pharmacy, Granada, Spain
  3. 3Hospitalary Complex Of Jaén, Dermatology, Jaén, Spain
  4. 4Clinic Hospital Of Barcelona, Hospital Pharmacy, Barcelona, Spain


Background and Importance Anti-interleukin 23 drugs were approved in the last 6 years. The absence of long-term comparison between alternatives such as risankizumab or guselkumab needs to be fulfilled.

Aim and Objectives To evaluate the effectiveness through indirect comparisons of risankizumab and guselkumab in plaque psoriasis long-term treatment.

Material and Methods Multicentric, retrospective and observational study. Comparison made with plaque psoriasis patients with active treatment with risankizumab or guselkumab to September 2023 overcoming 52 weeks of treatment. Demographic (sex, age) and clinical (psoriasis area severity index (PASI) at baseline and in subsequent dermatology controls, PASI clearance (PASI 90 and PASI100)) data collected. Comparison made through PASI90/PASI100 and PASI reduction.

Results 110 patients recruited for the study, with 35.5% of them being female and with an average age of 51.7 years. Initial PASI score was 9.46 for the 46 patients treated with guselkumab, and 8.04 for the 64 patients treated with risankizumab. The results are shown in the following tables:

Conclusion and Relevance Both molecules offer highly positive long-term results, particularly valued by patients with plaque psoriasis, although guselkumab seems to maintain a slightly greater full clearance.

References and/or Acknowledgements Artificial intelligence tool utilised to translate texts.

Conflict of Interest No conflict of interest.

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