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5PSQ-016 Assessment of the accreditation and continuous education tests for pharmacy technicians within a cytotoxic reconstitution unit
  1. S Younsi1,
  2. A Cau1,
  3. P Saint-Germain1,
  4. A Fillatre2,
  5. A Abdaoui1,
  6. Y Mahboub2
  1. 1Saint-Quentin Hospital, Chemotherapy, Saint-Quentin, France
  2. 2Saint-Quentin Hospital, Pharmacy, Saint-Quentin, France


Background and Importance The new preparation good practices for 2023 require a staff assessment. We decided to implement an annual, specific and adapted test to our activity, with the aim of guaranteeing the authorisation of new pharmacy technicians (PT) and the continuous education (CE) of those already present.

Aim and Objectives Realisation of the 2023 annual examination for the accreditation of new pharmacy technicians and the continuous education of PTs already accredited.

Material and Methods The test lasts 30 minutes and consists of two parts. The first part is made up of 10 multiple choice questions (MCQ) covering the competencies of pharmacy technicians: pharmacology, environment, equipment, hygiene, asepsis, quality, risk management. The second part consists of three videos containing errors in the preparation methods (choice of the molecule, volume to be withdrawn, dilution) which have been exported from our digital double-check video system. A pass rate of over 75% is required to validate the examination. Below the required rate, a second session is mandatory. A debriefing session is organised with the provision of a document containing the questions that posed problems (with a pass rate below 80%) along with associated procedures.

Results In the context of the CE, 10 PTs were reassessed. The average pass rate for the test was 81.5% [75%-85%] with an average of 72.9% for MCQ and 100% for videos. For accreditation, two PTs were evaluated. The overall average of the test was 70.3% [55%-65%] with an average of 57.2% for MCQ and 83.4% for videos requiring a second session. The overall average of the second session was 90% with an average of 85.7% for MCQ and 100% for videos. Among the 10 MCQ, seven had a pass rate below 80% and required a reminder.

Conclusion and Relevance For the personnel having carried out their CE the results are satisfactory and all the staff have been rehabilitated in the first session. As for the new PT, the results were insufficient. They were required to rework all procedures. This annual assessment frequency contributes to the safeguarding of our process by keeping knowledge up-to-date and reinforcing good practices. A satisfaction survey among PT can be conducted to evolve our evaluation methods.

Conflict of Interest No conflict of interest.

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