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2SPD-006 Impact and consequences of the use of human polyvalent immunoglobulin during the COVID-19 pandemic (2019–2022)
  1. BJ Montoro Ronsano,
  2. P Marrero Álvarez,
  3. A Gracia-Moya,
  4. HC García-Díaz,
  5. MQ Gorgas-Torner
  1. Hospital Universitari Vall D’hebron, Pharmacy Department, Barcelona, Spain


Background and Importance The use of human polyvalent immunoglobulin, intravenous or subcutaneous -Ig IV/SC- has suffered a notable increase in recent years – over 10% per year – given the high number of complex pathologies candidates for treatment, and due to the erroneous perception of its safety: the benefit-risk balance is often not considered, nor is the cost-benefit. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has limited patient flows, on the one hand, and donations and, consequently, the availability of the drug, on the other.

Aim and Objectives To evaluate the use – consumption and indications – of Ig IV/SC, during the years 2019–2022, in adult and paediatric patients, in a tertiary hospital.

Material and Methods Analytical, observational, cross-sectional, retrospective study, carried out during the years 2019–2022. Data collected from the prescription and medication administration records were patient, medication, indication, dispensing date, amount dispensed, and department.

The relevance of the therapeutic indications was evaluated according to the classification proposed in the Clinical Guidelines for Immunoglobulin Use of the British Health Department (2nd Edition, 2008, and Updates 2011, 2018), and their Spanish adaptation.

Results Ig IV/SC consumption is shown in the following table 1.

Abstract 2SPD-006 Table 1

The analysis of the indication for treatment – year 2022 – shows that 364 patients received at least one dose of Ig IV/SC in the Day Hospital or at Home, with a degree of adequacy to the recommendations in 339/364 patients (95.1%); in hospitalisation, counting 207 patients, the degree of adequacy was 160/207 patients (77.0%).

Conclusion and Relevance The global use of Ig IV/SC has been reduced by 9.8% in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic (2019–2022) due to problems of availability and the prioritisation of the indications with the greatest evidence, existing a very high adequacy adaptation to indication recommendations, especially in outpatients (95.1%). However, the use of Ig IV/SC in paediatric patients has increased (17.3%) and the use of Ig SC has also increased globally (40.4%).

Conflict of Interest No conflict of interest.

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