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4CPS-069 Outpatient satisfaction in the telepharmacy program of a tertiary hospital pharmacy service
  1. A Couso,
  2. A Dordà Benito,
  3. C Diez Vallejo,
  4. L Viñas Sague,
  5. C Subirana Batlle,
  6. A Perez Plasencia,
  7. X Larrea,
  8. E Martínez Diaz,
  9. M Oliveras Pérez
  1. Hospital Universitari Dr. Josep Trueta, Pharmacy Department, Girona, Spain


Background and Importance Telepharmacy (TPh) consists of telematic pharmaceutical care and delivery of hospital outpatient medication, avoiding patient‘s displacement to the hospital. There are different TF models depending on the delivery destination: patient‘s home, pharmacy offices and health or social-health centres. To be included in TF program, patients must meet a series of inclusion criteria, including home distance from the hospital, fragility and functional dependence, among others.

Aim and Objectives To evaluate the opinion of patients included in TPh program and the telematic pharmaceutical care received through a satisfaction survey.

Material and Methods Prospective observational study in which all patients in TPh program who received a medication shipment to a pharmacy office during May 2023 were included. The information was obtained through a telematic anonymous survey. Different aspects about TPh were scored: circuit, delivery destination, pharmacist availability during delivery, shipping planning, medication access through pharmacy office, quantity of dispensed medication, possible financial contribution and pharmaceutical care received. Overall satisfaction level was also rated. The satisfaction patient degree was evaluated with a numerical result from 1 (minimum satisfaction) to 10 (maximum satisfaction).

Results During data collection period, 30 patients answered the survey and 3 refused it. 57% (17) of the participants were female. The most prevalent age group was over 65 years in 57% (17) of survey respondents. The mean satisfaction scores were 10 for circuit, 9.9 for delivery destination, 9.9 for pharmacist availability during delivery, 10 for shipping planning, 10 for medication access, 9.9 for quantity of dispensed medication, 6.7 for possible financial contribution and 10 for pharmaceutical care received. Regarding overall satisfaction, an average score of 10 was obtained.

Conclusion and Relevance The TPh service and telematic pharmaceutical care received are highly satisfactory from the survey respondents’ point of view. Even so, trying to adapt the delivery destination and quantity of dispensed medication could be some areas to improve the service.

Conflict of Interest No conflict of interest.

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