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4CPS-078 Quality of life and patient-reported outcomes with multiple myeloma treateds with daratumumab
  1. M Mañes Sevilla,
  2. M Vazquez-Castillo,
  3. A Pousada Fonseca,
  4. M Segura Bedmar
  1. Hospital Universitario Mostoles, Pharmacy Department, Móstoles Madrid, Spain


Background and Importance Multiple myeloma (MM) is an incurable and chronic disease, so the quality of life (QoL) of patients with MM is an important criterion to consider. The patient-reported outcomes (PROs) are a fundamental tool to know the success of a treatment in clinical practice.

Aim and Objectives Assessing QoL as a PROs in adult with MM treated with daratumumab.

Material and Methods Retrospective observational study which included patients with MM treated with daratumumab between 01/2019 and 04/2023 in a second-level Hospital.

The electronic medical record were used to search patients and treatments variables. QoL was analysed using a standardised questionnaire (EORTC QLQ-C30 v3) and the MM-specific questionnaire (QLQ-MY20) to be answered by the patients themselves. The items to be answered were the presence of symptoms classifying as ‘not at all’, ‘a little’, ‘quite’ and ‘a lot’. The general health and the QoL were assessed with a score of 1 to 7, being 1 terrible and 7 excellent.

Results Of the 39 patients (58.97% men, median age 70 years) treated with daratumumab in the study period, 11 completed the questionnaires. In 5 of them, the questionnaire was completed on two occasions: before starting and during treatment. In the remaining 6, only during treatment. The average of treatments received at the time of completing the form was 23.25 months (SD:7.39). In active treatment, 58.17% of the responses were symptoms ‘not at all’. In 30.29% were ‘a little’, in 10.10% ‘quite a bit’ and a 1. 44% ‘a lot.’ General health was assessed with an average of 4.2 points before treatment and 4.89 points during treatment. The QoL was assessed with 4.4 points before treatment and 5 points during treatment.

Conclusion and Relevance In general, the presence of symptoms or problems related to the disease were mostly considered by the patients themselves as null. In addition, general health and QoL improving in the patients who were given the questionnaire at the beginning and during treatment with daratumumab.

Conflict of Interest No conflict of interest.

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