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Selection of interventions aimed at improving medication adherence in patients with multimorbidity


Objectives To select interventions aimed at improving medication adherence in patients with multimorbidity by means of a standardised methodology.

Methods A modified Delphi methodology was used to reach consensus. Interventions that had demonstrated their efficacy in improving medication adherence in patients with multimorbidity or in similar populations were identified from a literature search of several databases (PubMed, EMBASE, the Cochrane Library, Center for Reviews and Dissemination, and Web of Science). 11 experts in medication adherence and/or chronic disease scored the selected interventions for appropriateness according to three criteria: strength of the evidence that supported each intervention, usefulness in patients with multimorbidity, and feasibility of implementation in clinical practice. The final set of interventions was selected according to appropriateness and agreement based on the Delphi methodology.

Results 566 articles were retrieved in the literature search. Nine systematic reviews were included. 33 interventions were initially selected for evaluation by the panellists. Consensus after two Delphi rounds was reached on 16 interventions. Five interventions were categorized as educational, six as behavioural and five were related to other aspects of interest.

Conclusions The interventions selected following a comprehensive and standardized methodology, could be used to improve medication adherence in patients with multimorbidity.

  • medication adherence
  • multimorbidity
  • systematic review
  • delphi methodology
  • panel of experts

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