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Application of vancomycin in patients with augmented renal clearance


Objective To analysethe influence of factors on the steady-state trough concentration (Ctrough) of vancomycin, especially in patients with augmented renal clearance, and to provide a reference for clinical application.

Methods Data on patient demographics, routine blood examination, hepatic function and kidney function were collected from May 2013 to October 2016. A total of 292 patients were enrolled and correlations between Ctroughof vancomycin and other test indices were analysed by SPSS software.

Results Vancomycin Ctrough was mainly affected by age and log(Ctrough) showed a good cubic correlation with age (R2=0.999) in patients with augmented renal clearance.

Conclusions Inpatients with augmented renal clearance,vancomycin Ctrough was mainly affected by age. Clinicians and pharmacists should adjust the dosage regimen in a timely manner based on therapeutic drug monitoringand these influencing factors.

  • vancomycin
  • serum trough concentration
  • creatinine clearance
  • augmented renal clearance
  • therapeutic drug monitoring
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