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Analysis of the impact of antimicrobial management and rational use of antibiotics
  1. Jing Yang,
  2. Lei Zheng,
  3. Yuyao Guan,
  4. Chao Song
  1. Institute of Pharmacy, Shandong Provincial Third Hospital, Jinan 250031, Shandong, China
  1. Correspondence to Dr Chao Song; sdsjtyyyjklcyx{at}


Objective The scientific antimicrobial management strategy (AMS) was used to standardise the clinical use of antibiotics and optimise the anti-infection treatment protocol.

Methods By formulating antibiotic use indicators and policy interventions, carrying out prescription audits and drug analysis by pharmacists, and establishing an early warning mechanism for bacterial drug resistance, we formed a long-term and scientific antimicrobial management strategy.

Results From 2012 to 2017, the clinical antibiotics use indicators appeared to trend downward. The rate of antibiotic use in outpatients, the rate of antibiotic use in hospitalised patients, and the antimicrobial use density decreased by 40.36%, 20.93%, and 10.71%, respectively, and the per capita drug cost of antibiotics in outpatients and inpatients decreased. The microbiological susceptibility test rate of antibiotics in hospitalised patients increased each year, and the resistance rate of the main detected bacteria did not significantly increase in the last 6 years. In the evaluation of rational drug use, the use of antibiotics has become more reasonable and standardised, and irrational drug use has been significantly reduced, but we still need to strengthen the optimisation of treatment prescription.

Conclusions Scientific management can promote the rational use of antibiotics, reduce the expense of drug use and slow the development of drug resistance, but we need to further optimise the prescription of antibiotics to improve the level of drug treatment.

  • rational drug use
  • clinical pharmacy
  • antimicrobial management
  • bacterial resistance
  • drug cost

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