Time to early reduction and immobilization or pain relief for extremity fracture

Tze Hong Wong, Orthopedic surgeon,
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May 19, 2017

Comment 1: In case of stable patient, the priority of management for extremity fracture in emergency department would be early reduction with immobilization, pain relief is not the primary concern, on the other hand, early pain relief might put the patient in a risk of delayed reduction trial . As we know neurovascular compromise around fracture site is critical for fracture management, and so, instead of decreasing time to pain relief, I would rather suggest decreasing time to early reduction and immobilization. That is more meaningful and practical for orthopedic surgeon

Comment 2: If early pain relief is the main issue for concern, why not IV or IM analgesic instead of oral administration, the former treatment will relatively not influence the anesthesia procedure (due to inadequate NPO time).

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