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  • A vital point
    Pradip De
    Well done folks! We do not have a formalized A4 type of paper to fill up prior to the procedure, but we carry out most of these checks without ticking boxes. We have a pathway, which includes almost all of these and is normally checked by the Endoscopy nurse and a cancer specialist nurse. Only an independent bronchoscopist (not the trainee) is allowed to check the safety prior to add the patient in the list for the procedure. I...
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  • Actions following this improvement project
    Kevin Gibbs

    As a result of this quality improvement project we have changed the adult fluid prescription used within the Trust. We have redesigned the prescription section to have a clearer space to document patient related cautions, such as heart failure; and included a printed prompt for 'Indication' on each prescriptions line.

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  • Improving discharge summaries
    William Hall

    Discharge summaries are an important connection between care in hospital and primary care, and effective transfer of information is vital for patient safety and continuity of care. Having spent my foundation year one in hospital and now working in a general practice, I have been able to see discharge summaries from both sides. Discharge summaries contribute significantly to the work load of junior doctors and often re...

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