Abstract OHP-029 Table 1

Causes of the DRPs identified

Causes Number of Interventions*Outcome of intervention
C1-Drug selection 27 (7-Inappropriate drug, 11-No indication for drug, 2-Indication not noticed, 7-Preventive drug not given)
No clinically significant drug interactions were found.
Problem totally solved (PTS)
C2-Drug form 10 (Inappropriate drug form used) PTS
C3-Dose selection 12 (5-Drug dose too low, 7-Drug dose too high) PTS
C4-Treatment duration 10 (4-Too short, 6-Too long) PTS
C5-Drug use/administration process 8 (5-Inappropriate timing of administration, 3- Drug under-administered) PTS
C6-Logistics 7 (3-Prescribing errors, 4-Dispensing errors) PTS
C7-Patient 3 (2-Patient forgot to use the drug, 1-Patient used an unnecessary drug) PTS
  • * 64 interventions at prescriber level, 9 interventions at patient (or carer) level, 4 at drug level.