Table 4

Results of the high performance liquid chromatography determinations of drug concentrations in the remifentanil–human insulin–propofol combination. Considering the extensive handling required for assaying these three drugs, they were measured only at T0 and T24 in test tubes and not with dynamic simulation

% of expected concentration in test tube
Active drugSimulated flow rate0 h24 hRelative difference (%)
Remifentanil1 ml/h107.1104.0−2.97
Propofol1 ml/h97.098.71.74
Insulin1 ml/h105.9105.90.00
Maintenance infusion1 ml/h
Remifentanil1 ml/h95.594.5−1.14
Propofol1 ml/h103.4100.5−2.84
Insulin4 ml/h102.4105.02.47
Maintenance infusion1 ml/h
Remifentanil1 ml/h105.5103.5−1.85
Propofol4 ml/h98.589.2−9.91
Insulin1 ml/h96.899.12.26
Maintenance infusion1 ml/h
Remifentanil1 ml/h96.396.80.49
Propofol4 ml/h99.594.2−5.45
Insulin4 ml/h98.997.2−1.69
Maintenance infusion1 ml/h
Remifentanil4 ml/h100.797.5−3.18
Propofol1 ml/h108.5100.2−7.95
Insulin1 ml/h98.198.90.83
Maintenance infusion1 ml/h
Remifentanil4 ml/h104.3101.3−2.85
Propofol1 ml/h109.4104.9−4.20
Insulin4 ml/h100.095.1−5.01
Maintenance infusion1 ml/h
Remifentanil4 ml/h103.7105.41.61
Propofol4 ml/h102.693.4−9.43
Insulin1 ml/h91.693.01.58
Maintenance infusion1 ml/h