Table 1

The Lund Integrated Medicines Management model: activities performed in the hospital wards, responsible professional groups and tools for performing the activities

When and how oftenActivityResponsibilityTool
At admission, once for each patientAdmission medication reconciliationClinical pharmacistLIMM Medication Interview Questionnaire, parts 1–3, depending on medication, disease and patient characteristics.
Part 1: identification of the most accurate patient medication list
Part 2: addition of questions concerning practical handling, knowledge and adherence
Part 3: addition of deeper questions concerning adherence and beliefs
During hospital stay, continuously for each patientMedication review and monitoringClinical pharmacistLIMM medication review form
Symptom assessmentNurse (or clinical pharmacist)LIMM symptom assessment form
Lead the team and organise a treatment plan based on symptom assessment, the medication review and reconciliationPhysicianDocumented in the patient health record
At discharge, once for each patient
At regular intervals
Discharge medication reconciliationPhysicianLIMM discharge information form, including a medication report and a medication list
Quality control of discharge medication reconciliationClinical pharmacistLIMM quality control form for discharge medication reconciliation
  • LIMM, Lund Integrated Medicines Management.