Abstract DSL-004 Table 1
Advantages and disadvantages of the two systems
System ASystem B
SAFETYAll DUs can be unequivocally identifi ed with batch expiry date
Complete record, including batch, administration by scanner Closed system
Partial identifi cation with batch barcode and expiry date
Record drug administration with bar code without batch
Partially open systems, error risks
EFFICIENCYEntire integrated system including outpatients and elderly residences Full return of unmanaged DUs
Allows automatic checking of expiry dates
High cost
Immediate availability of nursery doses needed to the patient
Full expiry date control is diffi cult
High cost
QUALITYComplete record of all movements of both drugs and usersPartial recording of users, batches, drugs in drug use chain
Additional cost per DU (euros)0.190.20