Table 3

Cost implications per patient per year by cost category, tumour type and country

Breast cancerProstate cancerOther solid tumours
DenosumabZoledronic acid*DenosumabZoledronic acid*DenosumabZoledronic acid*
 Cost of drugs482342124823441848234323
 Cost of administration/management143514143540143528
 Cost of SREs6100792210856132391119813174
 Total costs110661264815821181961616418024
 Total cost difference (denosumab vs ZA)−1583 (12.5%)−2375 (13.1%)−1861(10.3%)
 Cost of drugs460742914607450146074404
 Cost of administration/management604214360422486042199
 Cost of SREs256433303601439240164725
 Total costs77759764881211140922811327
 Total cost difference (denosumab vs ZA)−1988 (20.4%)−2328 (20.9%)−2100 (18.5%)
 Cost of drugs588246795882490858824802
 Cost of administration/management623204162321416232095
 Cost of SREs112041455015091184031709520112
 Total costs177092127121596254532360027008
 Total cost difference (denosumab vs ZA)−3562 (16.7%)−3857 (15.2%)−3408 (12.6%)
  • *Real world data on the frequency of administration of zoledronic acid were used.

  • All costs are in Euros.

  • SRE, skeletal-related event; vs, versus; ZA, zoledronic acid.