Table 4

Types of most frequently (>5 DRPs/group) identified potential DRPs (according to the DOCUMENT classification18) in the total population of 131 patients

Type of pDRP (DOCUMENT classification)18pDRPs
D. Drug selection4233.9
 D1. Duplication54.0
 D2. Drug interaction86.5
 D3. Wrong drug86.5
 D6. Contraindications apparent86.5
 D7. No indication apparent118.9
O. Overdose or underdose3125.0
 O1. Prescribed dose too high64.8
 O2. Prescribed dose too low54.0
 O0. Other dose problem1612.9
U. Undertreated4435.5
 U1. Condition undertreated2520.2
 U3. Preventative therapy required1512.1
M. Monitoring54.0
 M1. Laboratory monitoring54.0
T. Toxicity or ADR21.6
# of potential DRPs124100.0
  • ADR, adverse drug reaction; DRPs, drug-related problems; pDRPs, potential DRPs.