Table 3

Distribution of potential DRPs across the population

Patients with pDRPspDRPspDRPs per patientpDRPs per patient with pDRPs
#%#%# (average)# (average)
Cardiology (n=72)415774601.01.8
Pulmonology (n=29)724760.21.0
Rehabilitation (n=30)227343351.42.0
Total (n=131)70531241001.01.8
  • ‘Patients with DRPs’, the number of patients identified having one or more pDRP; ‘pDRPs’, the number of pDRPs identified; ‘pDRPs per patient’, average number of pDRPs for any patient on this ward; ‘pDRPs per patient with pDRPs’, average number of pDRPs per patient identified having one or more pDRPs.

  • DRPs, drug-related problems; pDRPs, potential DRPs.