Table 3

Baseline characteristics

DiseasePatients (number)Admissions (number)% Male% British (white)% >68 years old% least deprived% most deprived% Liver disease*% Liver disease‡% Renal impairment‡
1. Aspergillosis4578455688361828§§8
2. Candidosis2577293652875717241216
3. Other confirmed fungal infection13197754§§§00§
4. Stem cell/bone marrow transplant in haematological malignancy433440659091718005
5. Haematological malignancy532614 3615984482517115
6. Stem cell/bone marrow transplant (no record of haematological malignancy)262958730§27000
7. Lung transplant962945596§1523§§15
8. Other solid organ transplant1592555589§1827111534
9. Solid tumour667299204689421825§18
11. Immunosystem disease1081264774341128§§16
12. Acute peritonitis29433147863317305924
13. Abdominal surgery450464538530133551226
Total16 61130 020
  • *Defined as a record of hepatic failure, not elsewhere classified (ICD10 K72).

  • †Defined as a record of hepatic failure, not elsewhere classified (ICD10 K72) or a note of toxic liver disease (K71), chronic hepatitis, not elsewhere classified, fibrosis (K73) or cirrhosis of liver (K74).

  • ‡Defined as acute renal failure (N17), chronic renal failure (N18), unspecified renal failure (N19).

  • §Small numbers are suppressed. Some patients can appear in more than one disease category if they were admitted more than once.