Abstract OHP-021 Table 1
1. Asses the role of Hospital Pharmacist reviewing medical prescriptions3.74.6 <0.01
2. Asses how you believe that this revision increases patient’s security4.44.8 <0.05
3. How do you value the time the pharmacist employs reviewing prescriptions?3.74.7 <0.01
4. In Off-Label drugs use. Do you believe pharmacist opinion is important?4.04.6 <0.05
5. Asses the importance of making home treatment reconciliation at income4.74.80.37
6. Asses the importance of pharmacists carrying out reconciliation process4.34.70.09
7. Asses the usefulness of clinical pharmacokinetics4.64.40.71
8. Asses the role of pharmacist prescribing, monitoring and resolving problems related to parenteral nutrition4.54.60.86
9. Asses the impact of pharmacist’s presence in the final quality of treatments4.14.60.11
10. Asses globally pharmacist’s role in your service4.34.8 <0.05