Table 1

Pharmacie des Hôpitaux du Nord Vaudois et de la Broye (PHNVB) customer focus SWOT analysis results

▸ The hospital pharmacy is ISO 9001 and RQPH certified and has a functioning QMS.
▸ Several tools have already been implemented and are currently used to gather information about customers’ requirements and satisfaction (satisfaction enquiries, audits, improvement forms, work tasks, indicators, incident reporting management).
▸ Several pharmacy employees have been trained for incident management and as auditors and are familiar with QMS and continual improvement.
▸ The PHNVB's Chief Pharmacist has recently been hired.
▸ The assignments and objectives of this hospital pharmacy are being redefined, thus taking into consideration customer interests and requirements. The new director is concerned and interested in improving client focus and collecting customer feedback.
▸ The existing system is incomplete (only few tools available and rarely used to listen to customers’ requirements).
▸ Customers’ needs and expectations are little known. No market research has ever been carried out.
▸ Incident reporting is unevenly available (only available to one hospital customer and to the pharmacy's employees).
▸ The current corporate culture is not very client-focused.
▸ Most pharmacy employees are not well trained and have little knowledge about quality, and more specifically about customer focus and the tools that are available to determine their needs and requirements.
▸ There is a lack of coherence between the production of information and its use by the pharmacy's management. There is little gathering, centralisation and traceability of most of the customer information that is available.
▸ The recent changes in the pharmacy's environment reinforce the need to develop an optimal customer-focused QMS (new hospital financial system remuneration, new management in all three client hospital complexes).▸ The recent change in the pharmacy's management has already led to many changes. Further modifications might not be well accepted by employees and could be difficult to implement.
▸ The present financial environment is difficult and might be an obstacle to developing activities and hiring extra staff. Projects with an immediate return on investments might be preferred to this one.
▸ Weaknesses in the pharmacy's QMS with regard to customer focus have been identified at each of the last three recertification audits. An improvement in the situation has become necessary and more pressing to avoid receiving a non-conformity during the next audit.
  • QMS, quality management system; RQPH, Référentiel Qualité pour la Pharmacie Hospitalière; SWOT, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.