Table 2

Quality self-assessment results

Quality standardRequirementScore
Total maturityRealisationMeasurementSuitabilityRelevance
40 items scored*
Rights and respect of patients1.141012
Security and risk concept1.382222
1.3 a)72122
1.3 b)103313
Drug list1.5.193321
1.5.1 b)103331
1.5.1 c)93321
Drug manufacturing1.5.2 d)93312
Information and advice1.5.4 c)41111
Concept of continuous improvement1.8.1103322
1.8.1 a)92322
Complaint management1.8.221100
1.8.2 a)21100
1.8.2 b)21100
1.8.2 c)21100
1.8.2 d)21100
Improvement suggestions1.8.3†11
1.8.3 a)113332
1.8.3 b)113332
1.8.3 c)83311
1.8.3 d)41021
Pharmacy policy3.2.173031
Management commitment3.2.2113233
3.2.2 c)123333
Customer requirements3.2.351121
Management of change3.2.6 b)41030
Management review3.3.272311
Measurement of customer and staff satisfaction3.3.393321
3.3.3 a)63300
3.3.3 b)103322
3.3.3 c)103331
3.3.3 d)92331
Management of non-conformities3.3.592322
3.3.5 a)92331
3.3.5 b)72311
Preventive and corrective actions3.3.682321
3.3.6 a)21010
3.3.6 b)21010
Measurement of improvement in the quality management system3.483311
3.4 d)31110
 Mean RQPH score72.122.051.661.17
ISO 9001
14 items scored
Management commitment5.192322
Customer focus5.261221
Management representative5.5.2123333
Management review input5.6.261311
Management review output5.6.361311
Provision of resources6.162121
Determination of requirements related to products7.2.151112
Customer communication7.2.352111
Customer satisfaction8.2.193321
Data analysis8.472221
Continuous improvement8.5.1103322
Corrective actions8.5.282321
Preventive actions8.5.382321
 Mean ISO 9001 score7.522.431.711.36
 Mean global score7.
  • The requirements selected for improvement suggestions are shown in bold type.

  • *General requirements (14) and specific requirements were analysed separately (26).

  • †The internal functioning (employees) and the outside functioning (customers) were scored separately because they were too different and no other agreement could be found within the working group.

  • RQPH, Référentiel Qualité pour la Pharmacie Hospitalière.