Table 2

Total iron content, sedimentation, microbial count and aggregation immediately after dilution in 0.9% NaCl as described in the Material and methods section and after storage for 72 h in polypropylene bags

100 mg iron in 100 mL200 mg iron in 100 mL500 mg iron in 100 mL
VariableUnitsAcceptability limits0 h72 h0 h72 h0 h72 h
Total iron content% mg/mL±10%
Visual controlNAFree from sedimentsCompliedCompliedCompliedCompliedCompliedComplied
Total viable aerobic microbesCounts per mL<1<1<1<1<1<1<1
Particulate matter ≥10 μmCounts per container≤600095112158115257256
Particulate matter ≥25 μmCount per container≤600111000
  • NA, not applicable.