Table 3

The top 10 error types most commonly associated with observed prescription errors

Error typeExampleTotalFoundation Year 1 and 2All other prescribers
Omission—indicationIndication not specified when prescribing Oramorph14615.38%12112.43%12519.23%
Brand nameIsosorbide mononitrate prescribed by the brand name
Monomil XL rather than the generic name
Wrong doseLoperamide prescribed as number of tablets rather than actual dose33210.70%21810.65%31410.77%
AbbreviationDose written as ‘0.25 µg’ rather than ‘0.25 micrograms’ in prescription of alfacalcidol4155.02%684.73%575.38%
Wrong frequencyLatanoprost prescribed to be taken twice daily rather than once daily4155.02%4127.10%832.31%
Omission—dateDate of prescription not specified when prescribing dalteparin6134.35%874.14%664.62%
Omission—course lengthCourse length not specified in prescription of Tazocin for
patient with diabetic foot
Wrong timeMeropenem prescribed intravenously for a haemodialysis patient in the morning rather than at night (after haemodialysis)8113.68%5116.51%1100.00%
Omission—frequencyMaximum daily frequency not specified when prescribing paracetamol993.01%684.73%1010.77%
DuplicationDuplication of prescribed therapy1082.68%963.55%921.54%
Omission—signaturePrescriber's signature is not legible or not written1082.68%1042.37%743.08%