TableĀ 1

The most and least implemented Statements in every section of EAHP Statements

SectionHighest implementation level (the number of negative responses) n=1015Lowest implementation level (the number of negative responses) n=1015
Q #QuestionPer centQ #QuestionPer cent
1S16At least one pharmacist from our team is a full member of the Drug & Therapeutics Committee.11S11The pharmacists in our hospital work routinely as part of multidisciplinary team.41
2S21Our hospital has clear processes in place around the procurement of medicines.4S25The pharmacy in our hospital has contingency plans for medicines shortages.30
3S31The pharmacists in our hospital check if a suitable product is commercially available before we manufacture or prepare a medicine.8S35Our hospital has appropriate systems in place for the preparation and supply of hazardous medicines.26
4S41The pharmacists in our hospital play a full part in shared decision making on medicines, including advising, implementing and monitoring medication changes.31S44The pharmacists in our hospital enter all medicines used onto the patient's medical record on admission.71
5S58Our patient's health records accurately record all allergy and other relevant medicine-related information.12S53Our hospital uses an external quality assessment accreditation programme to assure our medicines use processes48
6S63Pharmacists in our hospital are able to engage in relevant educational opportunities.5S64The pharmacists in our hospital routinely publish hospital pharmacy practice research.51
  • EAHP, European Association of Hospital Pharmacists.