TableĀ 1

Example of search terms using MEDLINE via EBSCOhost

MEDLINESearch terms (limit English language)
1(MH healthcare professionals+ OR MH health care professionals+ OR MH healthcare providers+ OR MH health care providers+ OR Healthcare N8 profession* OR Health care N8 profession* OR Health profession* OR Healthcare N8 provider* OR Health care N8 provider* OR Health provider* OR MH doctors+ OR doctor* OR MH clinicians+ OR Clinician* OR MH physicians+ OR Physician* OR MH pharmacists+ OR Pharmacist* OR Chemist OR Druggist* AND Apothecary* OR hospital N8 pharmacist* OR Dietician* OR Nutritionist* OR Pharm* N8 technician* OR Chiropodist* OR Podiatrist* OR Physiotherapist* OR MH nurse+ OR (Nurse OR nurses) OR (Dentist OR dentists) OR Radiographer* OR Optometrist*)
2(MH electronic prescribing+ OR e-prescri* AND e prescri*OR electronic transfer of prescription* OR ETP OR Electron* N8 prescri* OR E N8 prescri* OR MH electronic administration+ OR electronic administ* OR automated dispens* OR automated dispens* system* OR ((electronic administ*) AND (medic* OR drug* or tablet* OR remed* OR treat* OR dos*)) OR ((bar N5 code N5 administ*) AND (medic* OR drug* or tablet* OR remed* OR treat* OR dos*)) OR electron* N8 prescrib* OR e N8 prescrib* OR ((e N8 admin*) AND (medic* OR drug* or tablet OR remed* OR treat* OR dos*)) OR Ehealth* OR E health* OR Health information technolog* OR HIT OR Mobile technolog* OR Mobile health*)
3(MH hospital+ OR hospital* OR secondary N3 care OR tertiary N3 care OR ward*)